Exceptionally Fresh Roast-to-Order Coffee

We are family-owned business and operate out of Holly Springs, North Carolina. 

Kevin is a professionally trained Roast Master having received certification from one of the top roasting schools in the world, the SCAA certified Coffee Lab International located in Waterbury, Vermont. This background and professional training allows Kevin to achieve amazing flavors and aromas from the coffee beans. Kevin only selects the highest quality green beans (Fair Trade, Organic and/or Single Origin) directly from US distributors.

Every batch is hand-crafted, where Kevin monitors each roast for the proper color and aroma ensuring superior quality and freshness for the customer.

Our coffees are sold in 1 lb/[16 oz] & 5 LB increments and you can choose your coffee as whole bean or specialty ground.

We offer FREE shipping on any order of 5 lbs of coffee or more!


Our Story...

My wife Ali and I operate a small batch, hand-crafted coffee roasting company in Holly Springs, North Carolina.  Our passion for coffee started several years ago when we began purchasing specialty, locally roasted coffee and found that our coffee drinking experience was unbelievably better than purchasing corporate brands.  A friend recommended that I try roasting from home to pursue a fresher taste, so I purchased a small roaster in December of 2011. Soon, friends, family and friends of friends began requesting our freshly roasted coffee, thus we formed Boogie Bean Coffee Roasters, LLC in January of 2012. Since forming the company, we have upgraded our equipment and purchased two more commercial-grade roasters to meet the demand of our customers. 

Our coffee includes a wide variety of Fair Trade Organic and single origin beans to meet all coffee lovers’ tastes.  We always "roast to order" to ensure maximum freshness for our customers.  Being small, local and family-owned, we truly roast in small batches and the beans are hand-crafted, meaning they are roasted by traditional roasting techniques of color and aroma rather than through computer software. Doing this we are able to draw superior flavor and aroma from the coffee beans. We believe that our hand-crafted, micro-roasted coffee provides the best coffee experience that can be delivered to a coffee-lover. 

We also believe in living life to the fullest and love dancing and music. Aside from having coffee provided in shops, bakeries, and restaurants we also have a traveling coffee and espresso bar that serves music festival-goers across the Mid-West and eastern United States. Thank you for supporting our American Dream - Get your Boogie on! Drink Boogie Bean coffee!